Key Differrentiators of e10foods ERP Application

  1. 1. E10 is ERP plus

    This means unlike other ERPs which are mainly transactional processing, e10 has additional features like Social Media Integration for Social Sentiment Analysis, usage of Artificial Intelligence through Face Recognition to give Enhanced Customer Experience, OLAP (online Analytics) that provides multi-dimensional intuitive Dashboards & Pre-built Industry specific KPIs for each processing area that are online with the latest updates, etc. The standard ERP features are in sync with Industry processes – Plan to Produce, Procure to Pay, Sales to Collection, Hire to Retire, etc. Single Source Solution for all your requirements – Customer Management, Operations and Decision Support all rolled in to one.

  2. 2. E10 is Industry Specific

    The business model is different even between a Single Restaurant and Restaurant Chain. Needless to say those other types - Airline Catering, Contract/Industry Catering, Event Catering, Food Processing, etc. are unique on their own. E10 is the solution for any and every line of your food business. Recipe & Menu definition enables users to create Menu Plan for a period for the planned quantity. System’s built-in business logic creates an automated material plan with the cost. The plan considers yield, wastage, complimentary quantity, etc. It enables inventory planning, storage quantity, order quantity, etc. 20+ attributes can be defined for each ingredient to address industry requirements including HACCP and QHSE. Allergen and Nutrient information at Menu level are done automatically. Wastages, a major concern, are tracked at multiple levels. Transactions updates create automatic accounting entries – Recording of Goods Receipt and Vendor invoice create AP, Service records create AR, Timesheet updates create Payroll, etc. Product cost is regularly refreshed to show the current cost based on the current purchase cost with past history maintenance.

  3. 3. E10 is Proactive than Reactive

    e10 has been designed to support business with proactive actions. Planning module helps to control cost - both purchase and production. Dashboards can be generated any time that considers all the transactions updated up to that time. Dashboards are real-time, multi-dimensional with industry specific KPI – this helps you to analyze instantly the efficiency & performance of Operations, Cost, Sales, Collections, Employees, etc. Transactions are converted as information that provides vital inputs for quick decision to take action either to cut losses or enhance revenue.

  4. 4. E10 can be ERP or at Modular level

    e10 provides flexibility to implement either as ERP or at modular level wherein modules that urgently required can be implemented in the beginning with a flexibility to add other modules as per business requirements.

  5. 5. E10 adopts best practices

    By virtue of interacting with Industry Leaders, Visionaries and Experts, best practices followed by these leaders in turning around companies or managing multi-billion global companies have been adopted in e10. The proven practices and measures implemented along with the key information expected in the Dashboards and KPIs are part of e10. Food Cost Index, Wastage Control, Procurement Efficiency, Alternate Ingredient, Recipe Variant, Complimentary Quantity and Margin at Job/Service/customer level are some examples.

  6. 6. E10 is ‘Localization’ Compliant

    Be it Local Laws or Taxes; Be it Local Payroll requirements; Be it multi-lingual requirement; Be it Local Accounting Requirements; Be it Multi-currency handling requirements – e10 is fully compliant.

  7. 7. E10 ‘Go-Live’ Adopts RIF

    Proprietary Rapid Implementation Framework (RIF) had been perfected with years of experience of multiple implementations across different geographical areas and customers ranging from Small to Medium to Large enterprises. E10 is preloaded with Industry standard masters like Recipes, Menus, Ingredients, City, Country, Currency, Packaging Unit, Conversion Unit, Base Unit, Grouping of Similar Items, etc. that gives a jump start.

  8. 8. E10 reduces TCO

    e10 environment has been chosen consciously to ensure that the Total Cost of Ownership is minimal. It uses largely free to use softwares that are proven to handle high through put of transactions. Even POS that are traditionally dependent and pre-loaded in specific devices / hardware are device independent in e10.

  9. 9. E10 Seamless integration

    e10 has pre-built integration frameworks that can talk to popular Industry Portals and Government & Associations portals that support the industry with information that can be used in the business. For example, Nutrient information is available in NSDA ( which can be seamlessly integrated to e10. Similarly e10 can integrate with portals that are dealing in Food Industry items.

  10. 10. E10 is ‘cloud based’

    e10 is available on cloud and can be accessed through any device that has internet connection. So the investment is absolutely minimal.